Wed, 04/20/2016

Today we heard an awesome talk from Brian Cleary about "compressing" gene expression data. He explained to us how to go from 20,000 measurements down to just a few, and be able to recapitulate the distance in gene expression profiles between samples. I'm convinced! Thank you Brian.


Thu, 02/18/2016

Colette Picard gave us an awesome talk about her work on genomic imprinting in plants. As the Gehring lab is one of the only plant labs at MIT, the rest of us have a lot to learn. Colette's methods of using methylation patterns to track imprinting are fascinating. Thanks Colette!


Wed, 11/04/2015

Today, Joy Yang of the Alm and Polz labs gave a great talk called "Using CRISPR sequences to probe the history of bacteria". She has come up with some clever ways to scan the genomes of bacteria to find CRISPR sequences, match them to similar sequences in other bacteria, and infer which types of...

Wed, 10/21/2015

Yesterday CSB student Kelly Brock gave a talk on her work studying protein changes during the starvation response of yeast cells. Kelly has a very interesting model for the creation of "puncta" of proteins that accumulate in starving yeast cells based on the lowered pH of these cell. Thanks so...

Wed, 10/07/2015

Raven Reddy, a BE grad student in the White lab, gave a fascinating talk today on his research on the complex signaling dynamics of EGFR. Its not enough to just think about an "on" state and an "off" state - but Raven has a better idea. Thanks Raven!


Wed, 05/20/2015

Today Vincent gave a great lecture on his work training computers to predict protein-protein interaction affinities. Thanks Vincent!


Vincent Xue

Wed, 02/25/2015

Today I gave a talk on my own research: Epigenetic Signatures in Huntington's Disease. Thank you to everyone who came out and asked questions - it was fun! Hope to see you all in two weeks.


Wed, 05/21/2014

For our last seminar of the semester, CSB alum Emily gave us a hint of what comes after graduation (there is light at the end of the tunnel!). She described her work as a post-doc at NYU. She's creating an algorithm called SPIEC-EASI that aims to infer the topology of micobiome networks based on...

Sat, 05/03/2014

Newly-christened Dr. Albert Chang gave a great seminar on his thesis work, explaining his work interpreting the epigenome. Thanks Albert!



Tue, 04/08/2014

Last Friday we enjoyed Xuebing's research talk, titled "Genome-wide Off-targets of CRISPR-Cas9 in Mammalian Cells." Impressive work! Thanks Xuebing!